This deployment module simplifies and automates the task of moving content between Orchard websites. Once deployment targets have been configured either individual items can be pushed out to the target manually or automatically with a workflow. Content can also be batch migrated using saved deployment subscriptions using Orchard 'recipes'.

Enable the Deployment API on a target CMS instance

Before you can start sending content out to another Orchard instance, the target CMS needs to have the deployment APIs enabled and a user set up with permissions for import, export or both.

There are three deployment features. The base Deployment feature which contains the main functionality and then two API features which allow you to choose if the instance supports content imports or exports.


A user also needs to be created which will be authenticated when connecting to the API. There are predefined roles for Publisher (export only) or Subscriber (import only) API access. The API uses HMAC message signing to authenticate and validate the recipes being deployed. When API access is enabled for a user a private key needs to be created. This key is 'shared secret' used by the client Orchard instance to sign requests and validate responses. This key will be used to configure the target in the client CMS in the next step.


Configure a client Orchard instance to use the deployment features

Ensure the Wng.Deployment feature is enabled. The first step is to add deployment targets. From 'Deployment' in the main menu, open the 'Sources and Targets' tab. Set up connection details of one or more targets to export content to or sources to import from.


Configure connection details of the target. Provide the Url of the site and a user to connect to the site with. Deployments will run as the configured user. Here we enter the private API key we set up for this user in our target Orchard instance.


Now that deployment targets have been configured, deployment features can be used.

Manually Deploy Content Items

Add the 'Deployable' part to a content type to enable manual deployment from the item edit screen. Individual items can be deployed immediately, or queued for batch deployment with a subscription.


Automatically Deploy with Workflows

Create a workflow to automatically deploy or queue content when an event occurs such as on publish.


Configure the 'Deploy' workflow action.


Save and Schedule Recipe Deployments

Managed saved recipe imports or exports. Preview without running by downloading the recipe, view details of automatic scheduled runs or run on demand.


Deployment subscriptions can be created to import or export selected content from or to a deployment target. This content can be filtered using an Orchard Projection Queries or selected content types. The content can be further filtered by exporting only content changed since the last deployment or only items queued for batch deployment.


View Recipe Deployment History

View details of recipe deployments. Download the recipe that was executed and view messages from the import process.


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